执行emulator -help-keys,终端输出信息如下:主要使用home(home)和back(esc)键

    HOME                    Home button
    F2, PAGEUP              Menu (Soft-Left) button
    Shift-F2, PAGEDOWN      Star (Soft-Right) button
    ESCAPE                  Back button
    F3                      Call/Dial button
    F4                      Hangup/EndCall button
    F7                      Power button
    F5                      Search button
    KEYPAD_PLUS, Ctrl-F5    Volume up button
    KEYPAD_MINUS, Ctrl-F6   Volume down button
    Ctrl-KEYPAD_5, Ctrl-F3  Camera button
    KEYPAD_7, Ctrl-F11      switch to previous layout
    KEYPAD_9, Ctrl-F12      switch to next layout
    F8                      toggle cell network on/off
    F9                      toggle code profiling
    Alt-ENTER               toggle fullscreen mode
    F6                      toggle trackball mode
    DELETE                  show trackball
    KEYPAD_5                DPad center
    KEYPAD_4                DPad left
    KEYPAD_6                DPad right
    KEYPAD_8                DPad up
    KEYPAD_2                DPad down
    KEYPAD_MULTIPLY         increase onion alpha
    KEYPAD_DIVIDE           decrease onion alpha

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